And she thinks she can keep him monitored for the next 18 years.

That’s just asking for straight up rebellion.

My friend seems to think the way to parent is by reading up on information, and she has come across something pointing out how much violence is in the media these days, and that your child shouldn’t be exposed to so much violence, and she intends to monitoring it and shit and making sure her kid is not over-exposed.

Well, that’s great. Monitor it as much as you want. But violence, and other evil things of the world is part of life. You can’t hide it forever. They will see it one day, whether you’re in control of it or not. And keeping it from your kid is not going to stop them from being violent. They can easily become violent no matter what you keep them from.

Raise your child correctly, teach them right from wrong, and it’ll never matter what they see or hear. As a baby? Keeping them from seeing a lot of violence is fine. Babies should be exposed to cuteness and kindness. But I tell you one thing—more than likely they’re going to end up smacking you and everyone else whether they see violence or not, until you teach them not to.

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I’m not perfect, of course, but I feel like I’m doing well and getting the hang of things. You’d think dealing cards and passing out cheques would be easy…nope.

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