The thing that’s even more amazing though, is I was approved on my own. I was approved without a co-signer. And a co-signer would only take my payment down about $20. Meaning…I could have my own car. My own car, that solely I am responsible for, and I have to answer to no one.

And no one in my close family has done this yet. Not my sister, who has had all of her cars used and bought for her. Not even my mother, who didn’t get a car in her name until she was in her 40s, and it was used.

So…I’m pretty proud of myself. I feel pretty accomplished.

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Something incredible happened.

I went to a car dealership just to kind of “window shop” and get motivation, because I am absolutely determined to make my first car a new car.

Of course, a car dealer came up to me, and began talking. He talked to me about a car I had been considering and wanting for a long time (even though that wasn’t the car I was there to check out), and convinced me that it would probably be the best car for me. You know, it’s full of the more modern-age features cars have.

He then talked me into checking to see if I’d be qualified, and if there was anything that could be done for me.

With a “good” credit score, very bad credit history, and having only been at my current job for two months, I was actually approved. And they went even further, and I was able to get $4k off the car I was looking at, and then pay for it with a 12.9% interest rate.

At first, that rate seemed really high. But then I realized the low interest is for people who have excellent credit and credit history to show whether or not they can be trusted. I looked online, and it seems that people in my situation or people with bad credit average 19-25% interest. So 12.9% interest can’t be too bad, right?

Soooooo…I don’t want to get too excited, because I still need help from someone getting a down payment…but if everything works out by the end of this weekend…I may just end up driving off a lot with a brand new 2015 Kia Soul.

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valkyrien7 replied to your post: Read an article about big boob problem…

Underboob is pretty reasonable. That’s how I roll lol

It won’t even stay there. I try, all the time.

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Anonymous spoke softly:
What do you mean by "choking"? Because I'm small but the seatbelt still chokes me. Is it like incredibly right around your neck or something?

The side of the seatbelt won’t  position correctly and pushes tight against my neck. It won’t position correctly because of my chest. I have no clue why it is you get choked too.

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The sole on one of my shoes is falling off. I really need to not buy cheap shoes, especially for work, because they need to stay together and be comfortable. I was trying to find the most comfortable work shoe, and the Dansko brand keeps popping up. Does anyone have Dansko shoes and would definitely recommend them for work, despite their huge cost?

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