Anonymous spoke softly:
your themes are wonderful manda so the other anon should shut up

Thank you darling. :) The other anon is just blaming me for their own mistakes. It’s not anything I haven’t been used to for a long time.

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Anonymous spoke softly:
fuck you your themes have mad issues that you evidently won't fix

Actually, none of my themes have any “mad issues.” If there was an extreme issue that needed to be fixed, I highly doubt anyone would hold back on telling me about it, since people are asking me at least one minor question daily despite my warning on my message page.

My themes haven’t had problems in a long time, and the codes haven’t been edited either. So if my codes haven’t been edited, and the themes have been tested, exactly how would they gain any problems?

Maybe if you would have politely informed me that one of my themes was not installing correctly (granted that YOU are doing it correctly), I would have taken care of the problem to make sure that the theme is fine, because I don’t want one of my themes to be messed up without my knowledge.

But since you, nor anyone else, is informing me that one of my themes is highly messed up, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I am going to assume however that there’s nothing wrong with my themes, because people are installing and using them daily. And that you sir, are the one with mad issues, because you can’t install a theme correctly and want to blame the theme maker for your inabilities.

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