I had an easier time choosing my car than my cell phone…

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Of of G3's top selling point is its camera. So if what you're into is good quality photos, I'd suggest the G3. It has a customizable keyboard (you can move its height so it fits to your typing needs) and the photos come out sooo well. Whether you choose the G3 or S5, just know it's a bit of a change if you're used to the way Apple works. There are some pluses to Android but also some negatives. I'm happy with my switch to Android tho, hope you will too!

I have an Android tablet, and my fiance has a Galaxy, so I’m already used to Androids. Not quite as much as Apple, but the thing about me is, I don’t HAVE to be comfortable with a piece of technology. I don’t have to know how to use it right away. I love new experiences. That’s why I was totally hyped to get a Mac computer after using PC my entire life.

I know the G3’s highest selling point is its camera, which is why I was considering it. Because I really want a good quality camera in my phone, for photos and video. I dunno how good the video is. I haven’t looked it up at all.

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I owned an iPhone 4 for 3 years and was not satisfied with Apple. I feel iPhone 6 is a glorified phone that was only sold out because of its brand (like Beats by Dre and other items that are overpriced imo). I was between G3 and Galaxy s5 for the longest time. I ended up choosing the S5 because it's smaller than the G3 (though both are as big as my palm), it had a better camera and there were more options when it came to cases (sites like Society6 & Redbubble sells them). Im happy with my choice

I have the iPhone 4 right now, for almost two years, and I’m ready to throw it at the wall so I feel you. It’s total crap.

I looked up a comparison, and this one site seem to come the the conclusion the cameras between those two were about the same, or the G3 might’ve been a little bit better. I took a picture in the store with the G3 and was impressed by the quality.

Plus, the G3 being bigger is a plus for me—because I want a big phone. All of my phones have been small. I want a big phone.

Thanks for the input!

Okay, so lets say I consider the Samsung Galaxy S 5 as well?

iPhone 6 Plus, LG G3, or Samsung Galaxy S 5?

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COMPLETELY UNBIASED OPINIONS IF POSSIBLE! — I say unbiased because people that are Apple people and people that are Android people are obviously going to go for the type they support.

Also, I do not care if the iPhone 6 Plus bends. I don’t intend on doing anything to make my phone bend.

I’m trying to decide between two phones, and I don’t know which one to get. One’s an iPhone, the other’s an Android.

The ever popular iPhone 6 Plus? (I want the Plus, not the 6. I want to try having a big phone for the first time ever.)


Or the LG G3?


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I understand that fanfiction is a form of expressing ones fantasies and whatnot, but I dunno how I feel about real people.

Like I totally get it. I totally get shipping real people and whatnot. I totally think Phil and Dan would be adorable. They don’t seem to mind it all that much.

But it does genuinely make some people uncomfortable. I’m watching Smosh read fanfiction about them and they are clearly disturbed by people putting them together and writing about them. Kinda makes me feel a little bad for them.

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It has been said that if it receives enough support from fans, HD XENOSAGA REMAKE MAY JUST HAPPEN! So go Tweet this guy and tell him you would totally buy it!

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Hey I'm interested in putting an ad on my blog like you do, how do you get that started?


Just set everything up through there, and place it on your blog.

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