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I’m still signing out for a couple more days, but I figured I would post about this since I mentioned it the last day I was logged on.

My name is officially on the list for the table dealing training class I mentioned. The supervisor, who runs all of the tables and does the hiring and stuff, said that I can go in at 5:30pm on Monday, fill out the needed paperwork, and get straight to training right then and there.

My quiet personality doesn’t appear to be a problem, and you don’t need any experience. They teach you everything you need to know within 6 to 8 weeks, 4 days and 16 hours a week.

The job averages 20-30 hours a week, with a pay of around $19 or more an hour with your hourly pay plus tips.

Because I can pass the background check and drug test for certain, I have been told that I will more than likely definitely be working for them after the training is done and over with. I have to, however, promise them 6 months of employment or I have to pay $500 for the class. With 6-8 weeks of training to learn my job and gain confidence and feeling comfortable, 6 months won’t be an issue at all.

I’m very nervous, but excited, because I feel that maybe rays of sunshine are finally shining down on me. :) I think being a table dealer at a casino will be quite an exciting experience.

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Okay followers, I’m gonna take my leave for a couple of days. :)

Pj went back to visit his family for over two weeks, and I wanted to beat a Kingdom Hearts game before he got back because he plays games a lot and we have one TV in our room. I also wanted to take the time to watch a couple of animes, whether it be start them, finish them, or attempt catching up, because I watch my animes in Japanese and it’s hard to read subtitles while trying to listen to someone/talk to them. Watching a lot of anime is not easily accomplished in that case.

I haven’t even started the game yet, nor have I watched a single anime, and he comes back Thursday. I blame being logged in on Tumblr.

So I’m going to log out now, but I will check my messages every now and again in case something important is sent.

See ya’ll in a couple of days!

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